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About Us


Who Are We?

RIBUS CEO Steve Peirce

Steve Peirce, President

Founded in 1992 as a functional ingredient manufacturing company, RIBUS, Inc. supplies  natural and organic rice ingredients to peace-graphicfood, beverage, dietary supplement and pet companies around the world. The foundation of our business is to provide clean label alternatives that can help solve production issues and bring innovation to your products.

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What Do We Do?

rice hullRIBUS produces rice-based ingredients, which provide solutions for conventional, natural and certified organic foods. By utilizing the entire grain (the hull and bran), we are helping to sustain the earth.
Through patented processes, RIBUS adds natural protease enzymes to rice bran to stabilize the lipase enzymes, creating a natural, gluten-free, hypo-allergenic food ingredient that binds oil and water.
Rice hulls are a natural source of silica, one of the most effective anti-caking agents in use today. Through our patent-pending processes, RIBUS grinds the hulls so the silica particle size is optimized for use in food formulation as a flow aid or flavor carrier.

Where Are We Located?

RIBUS has an internal staff of dedicated experts, along side a robust system of brokers and distributors worldwide.
RIBUS’ portfolio of ingredients is represented domestically by a trusted network of brokers throughout the U.S., and has distribution points strategically located around the world with teams throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea.
Click to contact AE58老司机福利在线观看 AE58老司机福利无删减 琪琪 ,欧美巨大肥婆另类在线观看 欧美巨大肥婆另类无删减 someone from the RIBUS team about technical questions, regulatory documentations, finance, customer service or marketing.

Who Do We Partner With?

RIBUS prides itself on joining forces with like-minded companies and industry experts that deliver quality products and services to the food, supplement and pet health industries.
Organizations + Associations
The RIBUS Contract Manufacturer Program  is designed to assist in the orientation and certification of contract manufacturers that have demonstrated the ability to commercialize a number of products using our clean label ingredients. Learn more to join this exclusive program!
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AE58老司机福利在线观看 AE58老司机福利无删减 琪琪 ,欧美巨大肥婆另类在线观看 欧美巨大肥婆另类无删减